Well, finally after two years with the site down, I have spent some time to get it operational again. Part of the reason it has been down is because, I have been looking for a suitable plugin for WordPress so that anyone can search the family database.

I have for many years used the program Legacy Family Tree and was hoping that someone would write a plugin for that genealogy package. As at February 2011 this is not the case and subsequently I am still looking! I am though experimenting with a program called phpgedview which I hope will come to fruition later this year.

In the meantime I have created sub-directories for all the main branches and these are available under the Tritton Families link on the right. Not ideal but hopefully Google should index them as they are just thousands of html pages. These have all been automated and as I have a policy of not publishing details of living people, I apologize in advance should you accidentally appear. If so, just let me know and I will manually remove the page.

The family trees are basically details of hatched, matched and despatched which can be a bit boring. Therefore I have decided that a blog format is a better concept where stories can be written about those of our ancestors that have left records. Much better than boring old genealogy data!

Many of these stories will initially be taken from back issues of Tritton Family History, the magazine edited by Paul Tritton from 1989 till the last issue in 2005. The project started back in 1988 when I met Paul (my fourth cousin) and his wife Pat and it is thanks to Paul’s editing and Pat’s tenacity that the project ever got going. My input was just a small part having gathered many of the records over the previous ten years and writing the very occasional article.

Anyway I have left commenting open so if you feel that you have more to contribute to any particular story, then please do. If you want to contribute yourself then email me. I will happily add your photos of the family if you wish.

We are on Facebook and I will tweet the posts in Twitter so please feel free to visit and “Like” our page and pass the details on to any family members.

Lastly I hope you enjoy the stories